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​Our hand soaps: spreading love, not germs.

IMeet the sink-side companion you’ll always need: our fragrant, hydrating, cleansing, perfect-for-every-room hand soaps! And since we have fragrances you’ll always be obsessed with, they’re a bubbly part of your routine you won’t skip. From blends made to hydrate the driest hands to hand soap formulas gentle enough for sensitive skin, this easy-to-read guide gives you all the details on our super-loved suds (and your most-asked questions!).

Why are Bath & Body Works hand soaps so amazing?

The fragrances, the formulas, the eye-catching packaging, we could go on for a while. But let’s start with the scents. From our most iconic signature scents to delightful seasonal finds, there’s more than enough to love. Sweet. Spicy. Fresh. Clean. Floral. Citrusy. Woodsy. Exotic. We actually have it all.

And speaking of all…have you met all of our hand soap blends? Our iconic, rich and non-drying gentle foaming hand soaps are a staple. Since they’re blended with vitamin E, natural essential oils, nourishing shea extract and soothing aloe, these soaps get rid of dirt and germs but rare still gentle on hands – perfect for everyone. Of course, we also have soaps for every need, specifically exfoliating and nourishing. We keep an extra bottle of each in a cabinet for when our hands need a little extra TLC.

Which scented hand soap should I start with?

You can’t go wrong with something super fresh, like linen or lemon, but being adventurous with your fragrance is never a bad thing. Grab a tropical scent in the middle of winter. Pick a spring floral as the leaves are changing colors. Have an absolute favorite? It never hurts to stock up and have one at every sink.

Which soap blend should I try?

It depends on your skin type and personal preferences! If you’re dealing with dry or parched hands, we have two different nourishing hand soaps: creamy luxe and gentle gel. The shimmery, swirly lather of the creamy luxe hand soaps will leave your hands silky smooth and richly scented. And our newest member of the Bath & Body Works soap family, our rich, non-drying gentle gel, is as equally fabulous! It’s made without dyes and parabens, but it is made with good-for-you ingredients like shea extract, vitamin E, aloe and essential oils. Bonus…they look amazing by the sink.

For hands that need a little more love, we recommend our deep cleansing hand soaps. They have vitamin E, shea extract, essential oils, aloe and tiny exfoliating pearls (to get rid of dead skin). Plus, they clean and condition your hands at the same time…a total win-win.

And, of course, our iconic gentle foaming hand soaps are perfect for every sink and pair of hands. These sudsy goodies are made with hydrating vitamin E, softening shea butter and conditioning aloe, and the super bubbly lather gently washes away germs and dirt, while leaving your skin super hydrated. Trust us: They’re a classic for a reason.

What’s the difference between liquid soap and bar soap?

Both have the same germ-fighting, hand-cleansing properties, but the ease of use is a little different. While bar soap requires a soap dish and can be a little messy, bottled soap keeps germs, random dinner-prep flakes and water off of your soap – so it doesn’t require nearly as much clean-up. Plus, everything’s a bit more organized when you only have to set out one bottle of soap.

What’s the best way to wash my hands with Bath & Body Works soaps?

Start with your favorite fragrance and formula, wet your hands and wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and say goodbye to germs. Pro-tip: sing a little tune while you’re washing…or consider it some premium “me time.”

Which soap is best for dry hands?

Our nourishing hand soap! We have two different blends: creamy luxe hand soaps and gentle gel soaps. Both are great for dry, itchy, parched hands, but if you’re going for a specific aesthetic with your sink-side décor…there are plenty of options. Our creamy luxe formula is shimmery, swirly and adds a bit of sparkle to room, while our clean and sophisticated gentle gel hand soap makes a chic addition to the sink. With dry hands, don’t forget to add a hand cream to your routine…your hands will love you for it.

Which soap is best for sensitive skin?

Our gentle foaming or gentle gel hand soaps are perfect for sensitive skin. Each is gentle, just like its name, and will work amazingly well on your hands. Plus, they’re so fluffy and light, they’ll instantly become your favorite way to wash germs away.

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