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Jasmine’s like that girl who captivates the room as soon as she walks in – and manages to make friends with absolutely everyone. It’s floral, sensual, romantic, sweet and the central part of many different fragrances (like our ever-popular One in a Million). Totally safe to say we’re obsessed. What else do we love about this star-shaped flower? Glad you asked!

It’s a scent staple. Jasmine’s become an iconic blending piece for generations of fragrance. It adds a floral hint to woodsy and musky aromas, lifts spicy scents up, completes any floral combination and grounds tones of super-sweet blends with a kiss of muskiness. It even has the power to bring focus to more avant-garde scents.

It’s a modern classic. Over the years, jasmine has been mixed into light, airy fragrances (think classic 1950s perfume bottles), but modern jasmine is so much more. It runs the gamut from spicy and sexy scents – and we’re living for almost euphoric, over-the-top floral combinations. Plus, jasmine fragrances aren’t only for nights out – it’s a modern day-to-night scent that you can wear everywhere, like One in a Million. It’s a delicate blend of jasmine extract, tuberose oil, white gardenia, pink pepper and cashmere musk is genuinely unique, super-wearable and perfect for every occasion.

But it takes a lot to make a little. Just because jasmine’s scent is in almost everything, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to obtain. It takes 8,000 jasmine flowers to make one gram of pure jasmine oil, and they have to be put in a special basket, so the petals don’t bruise. Plus, they have to be produced right away, or they’ll wilt.

It’s floral royalty. While rose rules alongside it, the slightly sweet, yet potent scent of jasmine remains ever-popular, making it a crown jewel in the fragrance world. It’s the second-most-used floral note, described as a less dainty version of rose. Put jasmine and rose together and mwah: a garden party scent you’ll wear head to toe.

It’s surprisingly unisex. This little white flower appears in more than 80% of women’s fragrances and more than 30% of men’s fragrances – so you could say everyone’s fallen head-over-heels for jasmine. Its ability to complement other scents is almost uncanny, giving it an upper hand over other notes.

It’s really romantic. Most florals scents are considered key players in the game of romance, but jasmine appears in massage oils, candles, bubble baths, perfumes and other date night items. In the world of aromatherapy, the tiny white flower is perfect for setting the mood, hence the creation of our Jasmine Sandalwood blend. Pair with a sparkling glass of Moscato and enjoy.

It’s a lovely gift. For hundreds of years, jasmine flowers have been given as symbols of love and affection – and we think fragrance is the best modern-day gift. Jasmine-scented candles, bubble baths and soaps are the definitions of pampering luxury (and they last way longer than flowers). Taking a trip to a freshly-bloomed garden or giving a tin of a relaxing jasmine tea are excellent ways to spoil your special someone. By the way, in addition to love, these blossoms have generally been associated with good luck and appreciation, so keep them in mind for graduations, birthdays…or whatever celebration you’ve got on the horizon.

It’s ultra-soothing. If you’re looking for something to help you unwind after a long day, jasmine has your back. Rub a little jasmine essential oil on your skin to calm down, put a few drops in your diffuser to help you fall asleep, and loosen up with a jasmine massage oil. And when you pair that with the right candle, a few feel-good snacks and your favorite sitcom? Literally the best night ever.

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