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What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? Well, besides a fabulous day with you…a self-care kit she can use on May 8 (and basically every day after). Mood-boosting massage oils, a perfume as unique as she is, the perfect candle and so much more – here are the top six things you have bundle together to give Mom the ultimate in pampering.

  1. A luxurious bubble bath. An excellent self-care day starts (or ends) with a long, relaxing bubble bath – this pick-me-up never felt or smelled so amazing. We recommend picking up at least one bottle of bath mix…they’re great at helping to relieve stress, wind down and grab some “me time.” Our top picks? Eucalyptus Spearmint or Lavender Vanilla. Both are nourishing, ultra-fluffy and fabulously scented. Add some bath time accessories, like a super-soft loofah, a great podcast and something to sip on – Mom will love every minute of it.

  2. A few aromatherapy massage oils. With these packed in the kit, they’ll remind her to take a few minutes out of her day to unwind, relieve tension and relax. Since they’re great for any achy muscles and spreading positive vibes – massage oils are one thing Mom will be glad to have on hand. Plus, with skin-loving ingredients, like shea butter, they’ll make a great addition to her skincare routine.

  3. A great-smelling body lotion (or cream). Moisturizing is a daily essential…so give Mom a signature scent in her favorite formula that she can use every day. Of course, she probably has an old lotion laying around, but with a smoothing and nourishing Bath & Body Works moisturizer, this part of Mom’s routine will be way more pampering. If she loves florals, Japanese Cherry Blossom is a top choice; this graceful scent is perfect for every season. For a more alluring blend, think Into The Night. It’s literally Bath & Body Works in a single fragrance. Fresh, vibrant, and happy, it’s a blend of all things good, floral and citrus.

  4. One of her favorite candles. A candle a self-care must – they instantly add the right amount of ambiance to a long bath and totally set the mood when Mom curls up with a good book and a cup of tea. Not sure what candle scent she prefers? We have a suggestion she’ll love. Black Cherry Merlot – it’s a sweet and fruity fragrance that’s perfect for a mom that enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine.

  5. The perfect perfume. We may be a bit biased…but we consider fragrance a daily luxury. Mom deserves to feel spoiled whether she’s just spritzing at home or getting ready for a night out on the town. The bottles look amazing on any shelf, the scents are as unique and beautiful as she is. And, bonus, each time she uses her new perfume…it’ll remind her of you. If you’re looking for the perfect scent for every season and occasion, explore Gingham. Mom will love this fresh blend of bright florals and a hint of sweet citrus (and the way-cute, shelf-worthy bottle).

  6. A mini to take anywhere. Hand sanitizers, hand creams, a mini perfume or fine fragrance mist that she can easily carry throughout her day…and all things she’ll be glad to have (whether you get her one or three). These are the goodies Mom will take with her on her next vacation. The items she’ll toss into her purse. These are the little indulgences she’ll reach for when she wants a little pampering. Either way, travel size goodies are always a win.

Bonus. Beyond the self-care kit. Now that you’ve put together the ultimate self-care kit, here are some other ideas she’ll love (even if it’s way past Mother’s Day). Brighten her day with a bouquet of flowers (extra points if they match her new fragrances). Take a trip to her favorite store or café. Basically, treat her to a little bit of TLC anytime. Need a bit more inspiration? Check out our complete 2022 Mother’s Day Gifting Guide.